Map Showing Completed Projects – until May 2024

Since 2013, Kensa Contracting has rapidly made a remarkable impact through the Networked Heat Pump solution. The map below showcases the vast array of social housing, new build and commercial projects that Kensa has undertaken since its inception. Each marker tells a story of innovation and dedication, highlighting Kensa’s extensive reach and significant experience.


Image Description
Retrofit Case Study Retrofit project with case study
Retrofit Project Retrofit project
New Build Case Study New build project with case study
New Build Project New build project


*For New build counterfactuals Annual CO2 Savings KG and Carbon Savings to date are based on equivalent gas heating system.
** Please note that the projects depicted do not include those where Kensa was not the main contractor or individual Kensa Heat Pump installations. This map solely represents Kensa’s direct engagements, reflecting our primary contracting roles and comprehensive project management.


Key facts

  • Nearly 6000 ground source heat pumps installed
  • 215 retrofit projects
  • 110 new-build projects
  • Approx. 33313 Tones of Carbon saved

Visit a project

Our map above showcases all the ground source heat pump projects we’ve completed over the last decade. These projects highlight our dedication to cutting-edge technology and reducing carbon footprints in our communities. By visiting a project site, you’ll get a real feel for how these systems work and see their benefits up close.

We’d love for you to visit one of our sites and see the technology in action. When you visit, our team will walk you through the installation, explain how everything works, and show you the real-world impact on both the environment and local energy costs. It’s a great way to understand the potential of ground source heat pumps and get inspired by the future of green energy.

Reach out to us today to arrange your visit!

Please note, this opportunity is for commercial projects only. If you’re a homeowner interested in heat pump technology, check out Nesta’s Visit a Heat Pump for more information.


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