It's simple to decarbonise high-rise buildings with Networked Heat Pumps

Wave 3 of SHDF funding is incoming!
Let industry experts,
Kensa, combine our proven experience and product innovations to: 

Lift people out of fuel poverty.

Decarbonise your tower blocks

Meet your EPC targets

Shield homes from damp and mould

Deliver affordable green heating

Keep tenants happy and healthy

Provide quality, fit for purpose housing.

Reach your Net Zero targets

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1 solution gives up to 2 bands EPC uplift

Your solution to heat decarbonisation

Kensa’s latest product innovation, the Shoebox NX, offers a single solution to take on your energy efficiency challenge. Punching above its weight, this little heat pump can lift a social housing property’s EPC by up to two bands, even if no other energy efficiency measures are included in your programme.

A compact powerhouse with quiet operation and a 25+ year lifespan, the Shoebox NX is five times more efficient than a gas boiler and offers a one-stop-shop solution to meet your tower block decarbonisation goals.

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Want to future-proof your stock?

Elevate your application for SHDF Wave 3

A new surge of funding is on the horizon; Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) Wave 3 is set to hit this summer! The government has allocated £1.2 billion to lift 140,000 additional social homes to EPC C or above.

Wave 3 is intended to be more straightforward and flexible, enabling the inclusion of clean heat in ‘complex-to-decarbonise’ homes.

Latest news on SHDF

"[DESNZ] is committed to supporting the Shared Ground Loop market in social housing through [the] SHDF. Therefore, [DESNZ] reserves the right to prioritise the allocation of funding for Shared Ground Loops in applications."

Department for Energy Security & Net Zero (DESNZ)

Government prioritises Shared Ground Loops

When paired with Shared Ground Loopsa modern-day, renewable alternative to traditional heating—individual ground source heat pumps can reduce heating bills and eradicate expensive heat losses that often come with centralised systems.

They operate efficiently all year round, keeping homes consistently comfortable. Tenants can individually control their heating and energy bills and only have to pay for their own heat consumption. 

What are SGLs?

We are tower block heating experts

Kensa is actively working to install Networked Heat Pump solutions across the UK with award-winning heat pump products, market-leading installation delivery services, and innovative funding offers. 

In ten years, we are proud to have delivered nationwide tower block decarbonisation programmes, including large-scale ones in Sunderland, Ealing, Essex, Enfield, and Croydon. 


Are you ready for retrofit?

Our expertise will help you

Kensa works closely with social housing providers to deliver a sympathetic programme of retrofit ground source heat pump installations with minimal disruption and major benefits, reducing tenant bills and making a dramatic impact on fuel poverty reduction.

Deliver the most affordable heating.

Keep tenants happy, healthy and comfortable.

Access funding streams and get ROI.​

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Lifting communities out of fuel poverty

Thurrock Council secured £3.2 million from Wave 1 of the Government’sSocial Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) to help finance a ground source heat pump retrofit project that reduced fuel bills by over 50% for residents and provided a 70%+ reduction in carbon emissions.  

273 storage heaters across three tower blocks in Chadwell St Mary’s, Thurrock, were replaced with Kensa ground source heat pumps in 3 months, which deliver three times more energy efficiency for the residents.   

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“The heating before was a big expense, and we all dreaded the winter months. The new heating system is easy to use, keeps our home warm and is much cheaper than the old system that we had.”​

Diane Barr​, Thurrock resident​

England's largest shared loop array project

Together, Kensa and ENGIE delivered England’s largest shared ground loop array heat pump programme for Enfield Council. Eight tower blocks with a total of 400 flats had their electric heating replaced with ground source heat pumps in under one year, with tenants remaining in their flats.

The multi-award-winning project has reduced tenants’ energy bills from an average of £800 per year to an average of £350 and is estimated to save 773tCO2 over the course of the heat pumps’ lifetime.

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“One of the key reasons this project has been a resounding success is that all parties have a shared vision which centres on improving lives, and we have worked collaboratively to achieve this goal for the residents of Enfield.”​

Simon Lacey, Regional Managing Director for ENGIE’s Places & Communities division

Biggest gas replacement in tower block heating

364 ground source heat pumps were installed by Kensa into seven tower blocks in Sunderland as part of an ambitious programme by the Gentoo Group. Along with changing building regulations and environmental concerns encouraging a move away from fossil fuels, the gas boilers in the tower blocks were at the end of their useful life.

Kensa Shoebox ground source heat pumps installed inside each flat and connected to a shared ground loop array closely mimicked their existing system, with equivalent running costs, AND reduced carbon emissions by an enormous 70%.

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“Gentoo is committed to providing safe and affordable housing for its tenants. This pioneering heating system provides heat and hot water at a much-reduced cost, using natural heat from the ground, and delivers real savings for our tenants."

Nigel Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Gentoo Group

Why do NHPs work in tower blocks?

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