Delivery Partner

Kensa Contracting is a TrustMark Registered Business that provides a fully Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited ground source heat pump installation service that fits with existing supply chains and client requirements.

We deliver a turnkey package and flexible contractual solutions along with a comprehensive warranty.

Working with Kensa Contracting

Example Service Options

1) Full project management

Kensa Contracting assumes responsibility for the entire project, spanning:

  • Design, supply & installation of the ground arrays;
  • Design, supply & installation of the ground source heat pumps;
  • Design, supply & installation of the heat distribution system;
  • Management of sub-contractors across the three stages of the heat pump installation.
  • This scenario is particularly appropriate for retrofit projects.

2) Shared project management: Groundworks & heat pump installation

Kensa Contracting takes full contractual responsibility for:

  • Design, supply & installation of the ground arrays;
  • Design, supply & installation of the ground source heat pumps.

The client’s preferred plumber:

  • Designs, supplies and installs the heat distribution system separately.
  • This scenario is particularly appropriate for new build developments.

3) Shared project management: Groundworks & design

Kensa Contracting takes responsibility for:

  • Design, supply & installation of the ground arrays;
  • Design & supply of the ground source heat pumps;
  • Design support with the heat distribution system.

The client’s preferred plumber undertakes:

  • The installation of the ground source heat pumps;
  • The installation of the heat distribution system.
  • The house builder typically contracts directly with the plumber for these services with full design and installation support coming from Kensa, and MCS accreditation provided either by the MCS accredited installer or Kensa’s MCS Umbrella scheme and commissioning service.
  • This scenario is particularly appropriate for new build developments.

Project Delivery Process

Kensa Contracting offers flexible service delivery options depending on the level of project management required.

Typically Kensa Contracting takes overall responsibility for the project design and delivery and sub-contracts with local drilling and plumbing contractors.

This arrangement allows housing associations and house builders to involve their existing supply chain, reducing project costs and increasing peace-of-mind.

Typical Kensa Contracting services include:

  • Feasibility studies, geological surveys & financial modelling
  • Access to funding mechanisms
  • Ground array sizing, design & installation
  • Heat pump selection, installation & commissioning handover
  • Integration with existing or upgraded heat emitters
  • Integration with existing or upgraded heating controls
  • Sub – contractor management
  • Tenant liaison and householder education
  • Support ECO grant funding applications
  • Warranty & after sales support

Service Stages

Contract management

Kensa Contracting engages directly with your organisation or main contractor and takes responsibility for the appointment and management of all sub-contractors, including drillers, ground workers, plumbers and electricians.

We work with a carefully selected network of drilling contractors, experienced in operating within the social housing sector. Where possible we will work with the appointed plumbing and heating contractor to ensure the smooth integration of the heat pump installation and the internal heating systems.


The Kensa technical team will support you and your stakeholders with understanding the benefits of your chosen system, typically a Shared Ground Loop Array scheme, including carbon compliance and SAP benefits.

This stage also involves initial geological surveys, site reviews and financial modelling around typical costs and returns.

Full design package

Including full heat load calculations (to EN12831) and geological reports to enable drilling contractors to work effectively and efficiently while on site.

Commissioning and hand over

Kensa Contracting remains involved directly until the project is completed. We also ensure that adequate responsive after sales provision is in place, training your preferred responsive maintenance contractor on the use and potential fault diagnosis of our systems.

Warranty & after sales support

Our technical team remain on hand to support you and your maintenance contractors for as long as you need us. All of our products come with a 5 year warranty for your peace of mind.

Tenant awareness

In instances where tenants are involved, Kensa Contracting project managers work alongside your team to explain directly to your residents about their proposed new heating systems, discuss the processes and answer any questions they may have.

Kensa can provide a working demonstration unit and make available co-branded support materials for tenants to read more about the intended project.

Ground Source Review: Trent & Dove Housing - Mrs Carter