Split ownership of Shared Ground Loop Arrays (SGLAs) unlocks funding mechanisms to encourage the wide scale adoption of ground source heat pumps at zero-cost to the client.

Kensa Utilities provides access to such funding mechanisms and investors.

Kensa Ambient Shared Ground Array Funding Mechanism

Split Ownership SGLAs

Kensa has pioneered the concept of ‘split ownership’ with an entity funding, owning and maintaining the underground infrastructure leaving the house builder to merely cover the cost of the heat pump. This arrangement closely mimics traditional arrangements in the gas boiler industry.

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Kensa Utilities

Kensa Utilities is an infrastructure asset company which funds, owns and maintains Kensa Shared Ground Loop Arrays that serve ground source heat pump installations.


It utilises subsidy support to provide these assets at zero cost to the housebuilder or social landlord.

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Brochures: Funded Split Ownership for Shared Ground Loop Arrays

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