Kensa Contracting provides a flexible contractual solution to deliver fifth generation district heating and cooling networks in retrofit or new build projects featuring Kensa ground source heat pumps and shared ground loop arrays.

We design, supply, install, own and operate shared ground loop arrays, providing a unique holistic delivery package.

What We Do

Kensa Contacting delivers award-winning ground source heat pump installations using products manufactured by its sister company, Kensa Heat Pumps.

We specialise in large-scale installation programmes and have particular expertise in the social housing retrofit sector.

In addition, Kensa Contracting has pioneered innovative system architecture, Shared Ground Loop Arrays, and introduced novel financing arrangements to encourage the deployment of ground source heat pumps in new residential housing.

Our unrivalled expertise has also enabled Kensa Contracting to deliver installations into a wide range of commercial buildings.

Our comprehensive service offering encompasses design, specification, project management, householder liaison, specialist sub-contractor supervision, equipment supply, commissioning, and support with access to subsidies.

Shared Ground Loop Arrays

Kensa’s Shared Ground Loop Arrays (SGLS) are an award-winning and pioneering advancement in Fifth Generation District Heating. The design allows property owners and developers of two or more dwellings to realise the full potential of low carbon ground source heat pumps for both new builds and existing housing stock, also attracting external funding opportunities for fully funded ground arrays and ultra-low cost heat pumps.

Read more about Kensa Contracting’s Shared Ground Loop Arrays here.

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Kensa's shared ground loops in apartments

Award-Winning Delivery Partner

Kensa Contracting has project managed and delivered thousands of award-winning installations in the social housing sector based on its pioneering ambient-temperature Shared Ground Loop Array system.

Read more about Kensa Contracting’s flexible delivery solutions here.

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Industry-Leading Products

Kensa Heat Pump’s iconic Shoebox Heat Pump is the preferred ground source heat pump for Kensa Contracting when installing shared ground loop arrays. Launched in 2012, it was the world’s first ground source heat pump small and quiet enough to be installed inside flats; transforming the uptake of ground source heat pumps in retrofit tower blocks to new build apartments.

Together with Shared Ground Loop Arrays, the Shoebox ground source heat pump provides unique benefits to the end user and the system owner.

Read more about the Shoebox heat pump and other ground source heat pumps in Kensa’s extensive range here.

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Funded arrays enable house builders and developers to install ground source heat pumps for the price of air source heat pumps.

Kensa Contracting manage projects end to end, and Kensa Utilities will fund, own & maintain the shared ground array infrastructure necessary for large scale ground source systems. This removes the cost and hassle for housebuilders who are only responsible for providing the heat pump & internal heating distribution system.

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Saving money with Kensa Contracting Services