Kensa’s Shared Ground Loop Array design attracts a number of grants and incentives to lessen capital investment, appeal to external investors via Kensa Utilities to deliver zero-cost infrastructure, and lower development costs by reducing compliance costs.

Finance Options

Grants & Subsidies

Government is motivated to encourage the wide-scale adoption of ground source heat pumps. Discover the grants and subsidies available to you, including the Energy Company Obligation.

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Kensa Utilities

Kensa Utilities is an infrastructure asset company that funds, owns and maintains Kensa Shared Ground Loop Arrays that serve ground source heat pump installations, removing the most common barrier to ground source heat pump deployment – the cost of the ground array.

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Funded Ground Arrays

Funded arrays enable house builders and developers to install ground source heat pumps for the price of air source heat pumps.

Kensa Utilities will fund, own and maintain the shared ground array on your site, leaving you responsible for providing the heat pump and internal distribution system only.

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For housing stock of over 3000, ZERO has been developed to fund the retrofit of your entire stock.

This includes heat pumps, PV, batteries, and basic installation, which are provided with no upfront costs.

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