Marshland Primary Academy to benefit from low-cost, highly efficient renewable heating with Kensa’s Ground Source Heat Pump installation

Marshland Primary Academy, in Moorends, Doncaster, is preparing for the future by switching its heating and hot water system from gas boilers to highly efficient, low-carbon Ground Source Heat Pumps.

Kensa Contracting, the UK’s leading ground source heat pump solutions provider, is delivering the retrofit project, and on Tuesday 18th June 2024, representatives were on hand to show the school’s pupils how freely available, renewable heat energy from the ground will be used to keep classrooms warm for the next 100 years.

Switching from gas to electrically powered ground source heat pumps will decarbonise the school’s heating and hot water system, reducing the CO2 emissions it produces from heat by as much as 77%.

The decarbonisation project, which started in May and is expected to be completed in October, has been part-funded by the Government’s Condition Improvement Fund and will see 18 boreholes drilled deep beneath the school’s playing field to access the renewable energy source.

Once installed, six new ground source heat pumps will convert this energy into usable heat for the school’s upgraded heating and hot water system. The heat pumps will also be housed indoors, shielded from the elements, with some located where the school’s current gas boilers are.

Along with the heat pumps and ground source infrastructure installation, the school’s green heating renovations also include new radiators and solar PVT being fitted. These measures will help the primary academy achieve the highest possible energy efficiencies while also providing greater energy security.

This latest project follows a string of successful school ground source heat pump installations undertaken by Kensa, which is the Department for Education’s preferred heat pump method for decarbonising heat in schools. *

School ground source heat pump projects completed by Kensa include installations at Richmond Hill Primary School, also in Doncaster, Stamfordham Primary School in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and a one-of-a-kind installation for Ffynnon Taf Primary School in Taffs Well, Wales.

Commenting, Penny Marshall, Deputy Headteacher at Marshland Primary Academy, said:

“We are very excited by the new innovative heating system. It is wonderful for Marshland to be at the forefront of new technology. At the same time, hopefully, it will save us money on our heating bills and, most importantly, support our quest to help combat climate change.”

Discussing the project, Anna Cain, Kensa Contracting Operations Director, said:

“We’re thrilled to be working with Marshland Primary Academy. When complete, their new ground source heat pump heating system will provide the school, its teachers, and pupils with 100+ years of highly efficient, clean heating and hot water – all thanks to the renewable heat stored in the ground.

“Thousands of Schools right across the UK will likely need to change their heating in the coming years, with the Government aiming to reduce public sector emissions by 75%. Our ground source heat pump solution cuts those emissions and provides heating and hot water for the long term, giving any school that invests in the technology the reassurance they’ve secured their heating source for many years to come.”


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