Kensa Contracting’s unique and dedicated supply chain with the UK’s leading supplier and manufacturer of ground source heat pumps, Kensa Heat Pumps, ensures complete peace-of-mind.

Manufacturing the multi award-winning Shoebox Heat Pump Series, designed with Shared Ground Loop Arrays in mind, and the newest addition to the Kensa family of heat pumps, the Evo Series, Kensa Heat Pumps provide Kensa Contracting with innovative, industry-leading ground source heat pump technology to provide robust solutions for clients and end users.

Shoebox Heat Pump

The Kensa Shoebox Ground Source Heat Pump is the perfect fit with Shared Ground Loop Arrays, ideal for small to medium sized homes, including flats and apartments.

Quiet and compact, the Shoebox heat pump is typically located inside an airing cupboard within each dwelling, providing the end user with independent heating, controls, and bills.

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Kensa Shoebox Ground Source Heat Pump with plug

Evo Heat Pump

The latest ground source heat pump in Kensa’s range, the Evo ground source heat pump is designed for medium to large homes.

Offering exceptional technological advancements, including the world’s first controller dedicated to ground source, the Evo is a stylish and rewarding addition to any modern home.

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Twin Compact Heat Pump

Kensa’s Twin Compact Ground Source Heat Pump Series is suited to larger homes and commercial applications with heat demands up to 30kW.

Featuring the UK’s largest single phase model, the Twin Compact has been a staple series in the Kensa range for two decades.

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Kensa Twin Twin Compact ground source heat pump product banner 1

Commercial Plant Room Heat Pump

Kensa’s Commercial Plant Room Ground Source Heat Pump Series comprises modular three phase units to provide tailored outputs for high heat demands of commercial applications.

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