Public Buildings

Pressure on the public purse means public buildings are required to demonstrate thorough due diligence and value for money – from fire stations to libraries, to schools, and council depots, Kensa is well versed in delivering exceptional value for money ground source heat pump installations, including delivering zero cost infrastructure projects.

Ground Source Review: Northumberland Fire & Rescue Service: Northumberland Fire Station


If your commercial premises has a high heat demand exceeding 75kW, the largest capacity capable of a single unit manufactured by Kensa Heat Pumps, an effective solution is to link a series of Kensa ground source heat pumps in a modular cascaded system.

Ideal for buildings with a required flow of up to 50°C, any high heat load can be matched with a cascaded system, as the central ground array is sized to deal with the peak heat demand.

System Architecture

Linking modular ground source heat pumps together in a ‘cascaded system’ fed by a central ground array can meet all of your heating and hot water needs, provide active cooling, whilst flexing between periods of minimum and maximum heat demand, for an ultra-efficient, robust and reliable system.

Cascaded Borehole System LKPD

Kensa Q Series

  • Kensa’s largest capacity models for the greatest heating demands
  • Ideal for large scale commercial buildings
  • Available up to 87kW
  • Ideal for cascaded systems to efficiently meet fluctuating demands
  • Genesis System Manager
See the Kensa Q

Case Studies

Fire Stations


Stakeford Depot Kensa Commercial Plant Room Ground Source Heat Pump Retrofit Installation

Council Depot & Offices

  • Project partnership with Northumberland County Council
  • 3,000m2 council depot, workshops & offices
  • Displacing ageing gas plantroom and electric night storage heaters
  • Cascaded plantroom system architecture.


Find out more about Kensa’s ground source heat pump solutions for public buildings by clicking the links below:


As a council we are determined to do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint while looking at new ways of generating income.

This innovative technology has already proved successful and is something we are looking to expand in the future.

Councillor Nick Oliver, Cabinet Member for Corporate Services, Northumberland County Council

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