Kensa Contracting was established in 2013, some 14 years after Kensa Heat Pumps first started manufacturing its ground source heat pump products in Cornwall.

Kensa Contracting was borne out of the realisation that the large-scale deployment of ground source heat pumps in existing social housing could address fuel poverty and deliver carbon reduction targets.

This need was not being adequately met as existing framework contractors concentrated on their core business, such as gas and oil boilers. Whilst ground source heat pumps are a technically elegant solution and Kensa’s models are as simple to physically install as a boiler, the design and ground array aspects put many installers off.

Kensa Contracting facilitates these projects by partnering with existing framework contractors whilst taking care of the design, specification, project management, householder liaison, specialist sub-contractor supervision, equipment supply, commissioning, and support with access to subsidies.

Kensa Contracting handles larger installation programmes of commercial buildings and multiple domestic properties from streets to whole estates. Modest projects are supported by Kensa Heat Pumps in partnership with the many independent contractors who directly source product and technical support services from Kensa Heat Pumps.

Kensa has unrivalled experience delivering the UK’s largest GSHP installation programmes and has pioneered the design and application of Shared Ground Loop Arrays; please refer to the Case Studies section for details of some of our projects.


The Kensa Group

Established in 1999, privately owned, and headquartered in Truro, Cornwall, the Kensa Group is a fast-growing collection of award-winning British businesses involved in the manufacture and installation of ground source heat pumps and the ownership of associated underground infrastructure.

  • Kensa Heat Pumps remains the UK’s only manufacturer of ground source heat pumps and is an established market leader according to BSRIA annual reports.
  • Kensa Contracting is a ground source heat pump delivery partner and contractor that focuses on larger-scale new build, and social housing retrofit and non-domestic programmes. It has pioneered Networked Heat Pump infrastructure that allows ground source heat pumps to be installed at scale and in multiple occupancy dwellings, including heating tower blocks with their ‘shoebox heat pump’ small enough to fit under a kitchen sink – connected to ‘shared ground arrays’.
  • Kensa Utilities is an infrastructure asset company that funds owns and maintains shared ground loop arrays that serve heat pump installations. Through its funded offer Kensa Utilities provides these assets at zero upfront cost to the housebuilder or social landlord.

In over two decades, Kensa has saved over 1 million tonnes of carbon through ground source heat pump installations. The Kensa Group is partly owned by Legal & General Capital, part of Legal & General PLC, and Octopus Energy.

Kensa has attained market-leading status by developing innovative products, embracing and supporting existing supply chains, introducing unique delivery models backed by novel use of subsidy support and funding, and focussing exclusively on a technically-challenging technology. The unrivalled experience means all installations benefit from exceptional expertise and exceed expectations by delivering substantial carbon emission reductions and running cost savings.

Registered Office: Mount Wellington, Chacewater, Truro, Cornwall TR4 8RJ.
Registered in England: Kensa Contracting 08166502 | Kensa Heat Pumps 03739805 | Kensa Utilities 10044238 | The Kensa Group Limited 05367753
VAT Group No. 945676771
The service provider is Napit and we are trustmarked for ‘Ground Source Heat Pump installations.
The Kensa Group is partly owned by Legal & General Capital, part of Legal & General PLC, and Octopus Energy.