Commercial Accommodation

Ground source heat pumps offer a safe, efficient, rewarding and reliable means to deliver heat and hot water to all forms of commercial accommodation, be these holiday parks and lodges, hotels, student housing, or care homes, and all associated heat demanding buildings and facilities.


By pairing Kensa heat pumps with Shared Ground Loop Arrays, commercial accommodation featuring multiple dwellings can attract external funders to own and operate the ground source heat pump infrastructure, alleviating the costs of the shared ground loop array. In return, the external funder can charge connection fees if they wish. This is known as Split Ownership.

System Architecture

Mimicking a traditional gas framework, Kensa’s innovative Shared Ground Loop Arrays use ambient-temperature pipework to link a series of ground arrays to heat pumps inside individual dwellings.

Each property’s heat pump then upgrades the low-temperature heat from the ground (or water source) for independent heating and hot water, all year round.

Commercial accommodation owners have the freedom to fully fund their Shared Ground Loop Array system or attract external funders who are permitted to own and operate the ground array infrastructure; this split ownership allows site owners to bypass the most expensive aspect of a ground source heat pump installation, providing a huge opportunity for wide-scale adoption of ground source heat pumps in commercial accommodation.

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The advantages of Shared Ground Loop Arrays:
  • As few as two buildings qualify.
  • Split-ownership of ground arrays provides a funded finance option.
  • Exempt from Heat Network Metering & Billing Regulations.
  • Extremely low CO2 emissions enabling easy carbon and building regulations compliance.
  • No combustion – no NOx, SOx, or particulates emissions.
  • Lowest energy bills; slightly lower than mains gas, significantly lower than air source heat pumps, LPG & oil.
  • No district heat losses.
  • Potential for free summer cooling.
  • Scalable and flexible district size can be deployed in sections.
  • Ultra-efficient and reliable.


The Kensa Shoebox Series


  • Suited to flats and apartments and smaller houses
  • Available in 3 – 6kW
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The Kensa Evo Series


  • Suited for medium to large properties
  • Available in 7 – 17kW
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The Kensa Q Series


  • Suited for large or commercial buildings
  • Available in up to 87kW
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Split Ownership model

By allowing ‘split ownership’, Government has created a significant catalyst for energy-efficient new build developments featuring Shared Ground Loop Arrays, with costs no longer borne by the housing provider.

This eliminates the key barrier to deployment – the expense of the ground array – and allows Kensa to mimic long-standing ‘split ownership’ arrangements in the gas sector with the underground infrastructure owned and maintained separately from the heat pump installed inside the properties.  Kensa’s model sees the housing provider fund the heat pump (which is sold with the property and maintained by the purchaser) whilst the ground array is fully funded.

Having a ground source heat pump is a unique selling point for the properties; lots of customers appreciate the fact that we have a sustainable heating system installed. We won our local Sustainable Tourism Awards in 2014, and obviously the ground source heat pump system played a big part in this victory.

Mrs Robinson, owner of Broadgate Farm

After Care

In addition to reduced energy bills, commercial accommodation owners will also appreciate low service, minimal maintenance and low whole life ownership costs of ground source heat pump systems.


Protected from the outdoor elements by being housed inside the property itself, Kensa’s unique Shoebox heat pump or the new Evo heat pump can be expected to provide a service life of at least 20 years, while once installed, the ground array will provide a renewable energy source for four to five times that, servicing replacement heat pumps long into the future.

No servicing

Ground source heat pumps make use of standard refrigeration technology, and just like a domestic refrigerator, are fully factory sealed meaning they have no regular servicing or ongoing preventative maintenance requirements.


Unlike an LPG boiler, there is no fuel combustion, meaning heat pumps do not require an annual safety inspection and there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

No bulk fuel

There is no longer any need for bulk fuel purchases or fuel storage areas – the electricity needed to run the heat pumps is simply provided by each property’s electricity supply, while the rest comes free from your sites natural resources. As such, lifetime ownership costs are far lower than any other technology.


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Living where we do, surrounded by rolling Welsh hills, we are very conscious that our luxury holiday accommodation should strive towards being eco-friendly. To do this we decided we wanted a heating system that paired technological innovation with natural resources. It is also very important for our guests to be comfortable during their stay with access to a constant supply of heating and hot water.

Mr Phillips, owner of Secret Yurts