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Catch up on Kensa’s series: Ground source heat pumps in tower blocks

Kensa hosted a free digital workshop series to help social landlords and local authorities build a business case for switching to low carbon heating to protect residents from rising energy bills.

The digital event series, led by UK market leader Kensa, brought together professionals from the Social Housing industry to explore the drivers for investing in ground source heat pump technology in tower blocks. Heating Housing Association’s high rises with networked ground source heat pumps can alleviate fuel poverty, increase social value, reduce carbon emissions, and lower running & lifecycle costs. There is also the opportunity for commercial return and mass decarbonisation.

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Attend a 1-to-1 session with Ieman Barmaki, Sustainability Director, Kensa Contracting

With extensive experience within local government sustainability and asset management, Ieman helps local & regional government organisations to achieve their 2030 carbon reduction ambitions by developing innovative large-scale renewable heating projects. Having previously sat on the client-side as Enfield Council’s Head of Asset Management and Sustainability, Ieman saw the delivery of Kensa’s first, and multi-award-winning, tower block project at Enfield.

Following Kensa’s digital workshop series, we are offering the opportunity for one-to-one sessions with Ieman Barmaki to discuss individual project needs.

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Protecting people against fuel poverty

The rise in energy price caps will plunge millions into fuel poverty. Now is the time to take action!

By replacing old and inefficient heating systems with new 300% efficient ground source heat pumps, you can protect tenants from fluctuating energy costs, whilst reducing the carbon footprint of your housing stock.

A revolutionary renewable solution

Networked ground source heat pumps are proven to provide the lowest carbon, lowest running costs and lowest whole life cost solution. Kensa’s small-but-mighty Shoebox heat pump and innovative shared ground loop array system architecture has revolutionised the installation of renewable heating in high-density flats and apartments.

With significant levels of funding being made available in the coming months and open to local authority competitions, there is no better time to get ready. Kensa can support you to develop winning bids tailored to your housing stock.

In 2022, we are celebrating 10 years of Kensa’s smallest ground source heat pump, the Shoebox. A ground-breaking heat pump that transformed the application of ground source technology in high rise, flats, and apartments.

Case Studies

Timelapse Content - Enfield


Welcome to Green Street: Kensa’s Vision for zero-carbon urban energy

As well as heating & cooling tower blocks, networked ground source heat pumps can be used on a street-by-street basis to heat whole communities. Using pioneering AR technology, you can experience the ready-to-go, net-zero heating solution that could provide the ‘green print’ for every building in the UK. Kensa’s solution could replace the existing gas network to deliver nationwide sustainable heating and cooling. Discover how the heat beneath our feet could offer the lowest cost heat decarbonisation pathway.

Experience the Greening of Green Street NOW.

Watch the key stages of a Kensa Shoebox being installed in tower blocks

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