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As APSE’s new Energy Partner, Head of APSE Energy Phil Brennan believes Kensa Contracting will be a huge asset to all of their members, especially those with responsibility for domestic heat, housing, fuel poverty and related matters.

With over 20 years’ experience in the sector and having worked with a number of local authorities Kensa and APSE Energy hope, through this partnership, to ensure local councils are able to understand the benefits of ground source heat pumps and keep up to date with developments in the sector.

As Energy Partners, Kensa Contracting will going forwards appear at events and will be sharing our technological and industry expertise at a range of APSE advisory groups and other meetings.


Stephanie Gregory, Director of Marketing at the Kensa Group, said:

Kensa Stephanie GregoryWe recognise APSE as a trusted brand and we look forward to the chance to engage with more councils across the UK. We have helped a number of local authorities and know there are many opportunities out there where ground source heat pumps will provide the ideal solution for heat provision from a clean energy source.

In order to continue to provide affordable heat whilst meeting ambitious carbon reduction targets, all those in positions of responsibility have a duty to explore and utilise ‘green’ technology wherever possible. Ground source heat pumps are a tried and tested technology, the financial business case stacks up, and they offer the lowest carbon and running costs so it’s a win-win for all concerned for now, and in the future, as the grid further decarbonises.


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