Day 51: Commissioning


So far 24 flats have been commissioned and left running and 30 will have been commissioned by the end of the week. The engineers from J Tomlinson have been working hard to keep to the very tight schedule.

As the flats are three storey and the ground arrays are communal, it has been necessary to install the units into all three storeys on the same day.

This creates a significant scheduling challenge as all three flats need to be accessed at the same time, but so far things are running smoothly.
Ground works on Aspen are into the final furlong with Geo Drill operatives performing a site clearance and arranging a road sweeper to clean all paths and roadways.

Project in a nutshell

  • Design and install communal ground source heat pump systems into two blocks of three-storey flats
  • Drill 40 boreholes to an average depth of 140m
  • Manifold the boreholes to 12 individual ground arrays
  • Trench back to the 60 flats
  • Remove old inefficient night store heaters and hot water cylinder
  • Replace with a Kensa Shoebox 6kW, a highly efficient hot water cylinder and a wet radiator system
  • Install thermostatic and time controls to allow total control for residents with individual heat requirements

Read more about the background to this award-winning project here:

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