Task:  Scaffolding

Today operatives from All Round Scaffolding erected the scaffold at Chestnut Mews.

There is a need for six scaffold risers to accommodate the six district ground arrays feeding 30 flats, each to have their own Kensa ground source heat pump.

The scaffold is tied to the building for safety. A test is then performed on the ties to ensure they will hold. Impressively all six risers were erected, signed off and tagged as safe by early afternoon. Every seven days a representative from All Round Scaffold will perform safety checks on all the risers.

The scaffold allows our contractors to fit the 63mm flow and return pipes from the ground array. The risers will be insulated with a vapour barrier material to prevent condensation within the roof space of the flats. Externally the insulated pipes will be clad in a metal shrouding which will be colour coded to match the blue balconies and gutters of the flats in order to blend in with the building’s design.

Whilst the scaffold was being erected Dan Roberts, Project Manager, held a site meeting with our Contractors, Paul Turnbull, Managing Director of Geo Drill and, Kevin Cox, Project Manager from J Tomlinson to discuss the drilling phase nearing completion, and confirm schedules for the installation phase beginning this Friday.

  • Ground Source Review Chestnut Mews & Aspen Mews ǀ Probe ready for Installation


Project in a nutshell

  • Design and install communal ground source heat pump systems into two blocks of three-storey flats
  • Drill 40 boreholes to an average depth of 140m
  • Manifold the boreholes to 12 individual ground arrays
  • Trench back to the 60 flats
  • Remove old inefficient night store heaters and hot water cylinder
  • Replace with a Kensa Shoebox 6kW, a highly efficient hot water cylinder and a wet radiator system
  • Install thermostatic and time controls to allow total control for residents with individual heat requirements

Read more about the background to this project here: https://www.kensacontracting.com/live-retrofit-project-blog-follow-trent-doves-latest-gshp-scheme/

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