Task: Headering


This task involved connecting the individual boreholes up to their communal arrays.

Headering work began on site today; this entails connecting individual boreholes up to their communal arrays. The trenches are dug at a depth of 1m and the pipes are connected with electro fusion joints. These electro fusion joints are made by passing an electrical current through the fittings which bonds the MDPE pipe together creating a joint that will last a lifetime.

The boreholes are piped back to a subterranean manifold and then up to the foot of the flats ready for connection to the heat pumps.The subterranean manifold gives us full bore isolation on every borehole which aids the filling and purging of the array, and is a less intrusive option than wall mounted manifolds.

  • Ground Source Review Chestnut Mews & Aspen Mews ǀ Communal Boreholes

Project in a nutshell

  • Design and install communal ground source heat pump systems into two blocks of three-storey flats
  • Drill 40 boreholes to an average depth of 140m
  • Manifold the boreholes to 12 individual ground arrays
  • Trench back to the 60 flats
  • Remove old inefficient night store heaters and hot water cylinder
  • Replace with a Kensa Shoebox 6kW, a highly efficient hot water cylinder and a wet radiator system
  • Install thermostatic and time controls to allow total control for residents with individual heat requirements

Read more about the background to this project here: https://www.kensacontracting.com/live-retrofit-project-blog-follow-trent-doves-latest-gshp-scheme/

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