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Our experts have gathered to show you how simple it can be to meet climate emergency action plans with the Shoebox heat pump and ambient temperature shared ground loop arrays

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What do shared ground loops do?

Ambient temperature shared ground loop arrays with Kensa Shoebox heat pumps offer a sustainable and affordable heating, hot water and cooling solution, and a cost effective way to be carbon compliant.

Fifth Generation District Heating with Shared Ground Loop Arrays using Mine water

Low Carbon Heating & Cooling For All

Suitable for both retrofit and new build buildings, ambient temperature shared ground loop arrays and ground source heat pumps offer the lowest carbon heating, easing carbon compliance and preparing us for a smart, zero carbon future.

Fifth Generation District Heating with Ambient Shared Ground Loop Arrays and Kensa Shoebox Ground Source Heat Pumps

Lowest Cost Heating & Cooling For All

Ground source heat pumps offer end users some of the lowest running costs for heating, and can even provide 'free' passive cooling. For specifiers, reduced costs from ease of carbon compliance, and the opportunity to attract investors to fund the ground array, make shared ground loop arrays an affordable and elegant solution.

Fifth Generation District Heating Ambient Loops

Safe, Flexible & Future Proof

The adaptable nature of shared ground loops makes them ideal for clustered houses or staged developments, as well as a holistic solution for connected businesses and communities. Smart grid ready, and lasting for 100+years, with no combustion, no flammable refrigerants, and no air pollution, this is district heating for the future, today.

How It Works:

Kensa’s ambient temperature shared ground loop system is an award-winning and pioneering fifth generation approach to district heating, without the drawbacks of traditional heat network systems.

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What We Do

Specialising in multiple-unit projects with Shared Ground Loop Arrays, Kensa Contracting is the UK’s only dedicated delivery partner and contractor of large-scale ground source heat pump installations.

Kensa Contracting's unique direct link with Kensa Heat Pumps, the UK's most popular brand of ground source heat pumps, provides the complete package to you and your stakeholders.

Design & Supply

Expert Solutions
Without the Headache

Our pioneering shared ground loop array experts handle all of the design and specification for your project, including identifying and supporting funding applications and compliance paperwork, and coordinating logistics and supply.

Geological surveys
Ground array & heat pump design
Heat pump supply
Equipment & accessories supply
Financial modelling
Funding applications

Installation & Project Management

Flexible Delivery
Options to Suit You

No Kensa Contracting project is ever the same. Our flexible solutions can fit with your existing framework, or we can bring our own expert force to fully manage and deliver every aspect of your project.

Project management
Specialist subcontractor supervision
Installation commissioning

Engagement & Recognition

Communicate the
Bigger Picture

Cement your project as a positive investment in the local community and wider carbon commitment with Kensa's unparalleled householder liaison programme and marketing support.

Householder liaison & education
Site visits
Community engagement
Marketing & PR
Award bid writing


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Arrange Your Bespoke CPD

Ready to apply shared ground loops to your project, or looking to learn more? Submit your details to arrange a Kensa CPD to meet your requirements.