• The Fully Charged team, Kensa Heat Pumps and leading electric vehicle and clean energy companies collaborate on shared climate message
  • Governments urged to electrify almost all ground transportation and accelerate the switch to renewable energy generation
  • Ahead of COP26, the Fully Charged Manifesto sets out existing solutions to today’s environmental problems

Fully Charged, the world’s largest electric vehicle and clean energy channel has released a clean energy and transportation manifesto. Supported by some of the most pioneering businesses from across the energy and transport sectors, including Kensa Heat Pumps, it challenges global governments to quit the chat and act today.

From electrifying almost every form of ground transportation, to accelerating the switch to renewable energy generation, the Fully Charged team points out that in every area, proven solutions exist today. The call to world leaders is fronted by the channel’s founder – presenter and actor Robert Llewellyn – and are reinforced by CEOs of some of the foremost providers of renewables, electric vehicles, and clean energy.

Robert Llewellyn, Fully Charged joint CEO:

I’m terrified of COP26 being a platform for posturing, posing and pontificating. We need action from leaders across the world today to curb the impact we’re having on our planet. The crazy reality is, we already have all of the answers! Today, there are electric vehicles that are more capable than traditional cars; means of renewable energy generation that could easily fuel our lifestyles; and viable heating technologies that eradicate the need for gas. Our message to world leaders is simple – Stop Burning Stuff and Electrify Everything – TODAY!!!

The Fully Charged YouTube Channel and the brand’s global live events focus on the technologies that already exist to help consumers, businesses and governments think differently about mobility, energy generation and domestic use of clean energy. Ahead of COP26, Fully Charged is driving home the immediacy of the climate crisis, plus the urgency to switch to existing solutions.

Simon Lomax, CEO of British ground source heat pump manufacturer and installer, The Kensa Group, said:

The UK’s pathway to reach net zero through the phase out of gas and the deployment of heat pumps is welcome, but it doesn’t go nearly far enough. The overdue Heat and Building Strategy, a pillar for the UKs COP26 commitments, is underwhelming and lacks both ambition and scale. To reach the 600,000 heat pump installations required by government per year by 2028, we require mass adoption. To achieve this, Kensa’s vision is networked ground source heat pumps; a scaleable, street-by-street approach, with individual ground source heat pumps in each home connected to a separately owned, funded and maintained underground infrastructure, mimicking and replacing the gas grid approach. This solution can be delivered immediately.  Indeed, Kensa has already completed large scale installations in all types of housing.  Introduce into this model smart controls, flexible tariffs, and the use of waste heat, and you have the lowest cost heat decarbonisation pathway that supports the electrification transition. Kensa’s ‘Welcome to Green Street’ augmented reality experience will be unveiled at COP26, firmly putting heat on the COP26 agenda and directly into the hands of world leaders, epitomising the optimum energy solution to affect change.

The collective voice, expressed in a special edition of the Fully Charged Show (live from 08:00BST on 26 October) makes the point that governments around the world are not acting with sufficient urgency and are often wasting time on the wrong technologies. The eyes of the world are on COP26 as a once in a generation opportunity to affect change. Businesses putting their name to supporting this effort to achieve change include: BritishVolt, GRIDSERVE, myenergi, Polestar, EAV, Kensa Heat Pumps, Mixergy, Octopus Energy, Ripple, Tepeo, Volta Trucks.




Download the full Fully Charged Manifesto here, featuring Kensa Heat Pumps: fullycharged.show



Watch a special COP26 edition of Fully Charged, featuring Kensa Heat Pumps: youtube.com/c/fullychargedshow

Karl Drage’s full interview can be viewed on the Fully Charged Plus channel.

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