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  • EG3 and National Energy Action (NEA) statistics show UK winter mortality rates in 2018 were the highest since 1976.
  • Kensa looks at the impact of oil vs ground source heat pumps in alleviating the problem of fuel poverty in rural off gas grid fuel poor areas.
  • Far from being the cheapest option, heat from an oil boiler costs 21% more.
  • All homes should be well insulated for all heating types: for heat pumps it is not essential, but equally desirable.
  • An oil boiler emits almost five times as much carbon as a ground source heat pump.
  • The impact of ground source heat pumps on the national grid is far less than previously thought.
  • The emergence of dynamic tariffs, heat storage products, smart controls and battery storage with heat pumps provide additional savings and further mitigate capacity requirements.




Ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) with shared ground loop arrays are making the roll out of the technology viable at scale in areas where alternative forms of heat are not easily accessible; indeed they are also taking on the gas infrastructure, following recommendations by the Committee for Climate Change (CCC) that new build homes as of 2025 should be connected to a heat pump infrastructure, potentially ruling out gas in these scenarios in just six years.

Far from being a ‘niche technology for the wealthy few’, Kensa is encouraging and enabling the mass adoption of ground source heat pumps to dramatically reduce heating bills and improve living conditions for those in society who will benefit the most, without them having to pay a single penny. This is evidenced in the thousands of retrofit heating installations Kensa Contracting have delivered in both rural and urban social housing across the UK.

Kensa Heat Pumps’ blog (here) corrects some of the most common technology comparison myths which have the greatest impact on those in fuel poverty today, and potentially in the future.

Themes covered include in the blog:



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