• To reach Net Zero by 2050 up to 80% of UK homes could need a heat pump

  • Kensa’s Shoebox NX heat pump unlocks a viable solution to decarbonise heating for 60% of UK homes, from high-rise flats to terrace streets

  • The British-made Ground Source Heat Pump is compact, powerful, can heat and cool properties and is five times more energy efficient than a gas boiler

  • Small enough to fit in a cupboard and designed with Networked Ground Source Heat Pumps in mind, a system that replicates the gas network model

  • Networked Ground Source Heat Pumps are around 20% cheaper to install and operate than Air Source Heat Pumps

Low-carbon heating and cooling for every UK home is one step closer as Kensa breaks ground with the next generation of heating.

By 2050 millions of UK homes will need to decarbonise their heating and, with the launch of its new small and powerful Shoebox NX Ground Source Heat Pump, Kensa is unlocking a proven, Net-Zero-ready solution.

Kensa’s solution – Networked Ground Source Heat Pumps – replicates the familiarity and accessibility of gas networks and enables the mass rollout of heat pumps in the UK, bringing low-cost renewable heating and cooling to almost any type of home, whether that’s a new build, a 19th-century Victorian terrace, a tenement or a high-rise urban flat.

One-third of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from heat, and 6.5 million homes are estimated to be in fuel poverty. Kensa’s solution will boost heat pump installations, shielding millions from unpredictable energy costs by replacing imported gas with domestically produced renewable electricity.


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