Leading energy analysts, Element Energy (EE), conclude that networked heat pumps deployed at scale are up to 20% cheaper to run whilst costing 8% less upfront than Air Source Heat Pumps (for a longer-lasting, quieter and less visually impactful solution).

The new study by Element Energy used one of the most robust models of heat pump performance under real-life conditions, specifically taking into account British weather patterns, geology, topography and climate.

It is also the first study to provide real-world cost models for networked heat pump scenarios where the cost of the heat pump unit is separated from the cost of the ground array.

It concludes that networked heat pumps are the optimal solution, compared to air source heat pumps and central plant district heating, to meet the UK’s ambitious decarbonisation goals for the lowest overall cost, due to their superior performance and ability to be rolled out at scale in a way that mimics the existing gas grid.


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