Kensa's Ambient shared ground loop arrays in luxury new build development, The Dunes

A landmark luxury housing development comprising forty apartments and houses currently under construction amongst the famous dunes of Perranporth beach in Cornwall is using pioneering architecture and sustainable development to breathe new life into a former derelict hotel site.

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“The Dunes”, set for completion in June 2018 by developers Acorn Blue, has completed the groundworks stage for Kensa’s Shoebox ground source heat pumps, which will be sited inside each of the dwellings to provide 100% of the two apartment blocks, five coach houses and four beach houses heating and hot water.

Utilising local companies and ground source heat pumps manufactured by Kensa Heat Pumps just 10 miles from the former hotel site, the development has sustainability and community at its heart.

Simon Lomax, Kensa Heat Pumps Managing Director, comments:

Given its spectacular location alongside one of Cornwall’s premier beaches, we applaud Acorn Blue’s pioneering decision to specify ultra-low carbon heating systems for ‘The Dunes’.  Investing in ground source heat pump systems will ensure the lucky purchasers benefit not only from the lowest possible running costs but also a technology which is remarkably reliable and durable.  Best of all, this renewable installation is entirely unobtrusive so there is no visual intrusion on such a stunning setting.

The ground source heat pump system features a communal boreholes dug in the periphery of the site, six metres from the edge of the dunes, to depths up to 130m; in total 3km of borehole pipework has been installed.

The communal system, based on Kensa’s award-winning ambient-temperature Shared Ground Loop Arrays, sees five systems of 19 boreholes in total; on one system 17 individual apartments will be provided heat to their own individual Kensa Shoebox heat pump from one double-probe borehole.

The Shared Ground Loop Arrays qualify ‘The Dunes’ project for 20 years of income via the Government’s Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)*. It is expected that the RHI* income for The Dunes will more than offset the cost of the system.

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  • Kensa's Ambient shared ground loop arrays in luxury new build development, The Dunes

David Stein, Acorn Blue Pre-Construction Director, comments:

Aside from the inherent advantages associated with the adoption of renewable energy in respect of improved SAP rating, lower carbon footprint, RHI* payback and generally ‘feeling good’, ‘The Dunes’ was a natural candidate for ground source heat pumps.  There is no natural gas in the area and the geology is known to be highly suited to GSHP’s.  Furthermore, by adopting Kensa’s Shoebox and micro-district design we realised we could eliminate any centralised plant, thereby increasing sales area and at the same time offer direct individual control and metering of their heat source to individual purchasers.

The individual Kensa ‘Shoebox’ ground source heat pump located within each property overcomes traditional setbacks of plant room designs and is exempt from the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations, and unlike traditional district heating schemes provides complete heating and hot water control to the homeowners, offering individual bills and freedom to switch suppliers.

The Shoebox heat pump offers simple installation from both a mechanical and electrical standpoint. Kensa Heat Pumps will working alongside Acorn Blue’s M&E contractor to install the ground source heat pump unit’s and ensure compliance with the Microgeneration Certification Standards (MCS).

Each dwelling is to be fitted with ‘Heatmiser’ thermostats, which will talk to smart phone controls. Individual heat and electric meters will email daily heat and electric consumption data to Acorn Blue, enabling performance monitoring and compliance with RHI* requirements.

The first Kensa Shoebox heat pumps will be installed at The Dunes in early 2018.

An infographic depicting the project can be viewed at


Please note, this scheme has closed. To find out more about available finding, visit:

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