Ground Source Review: Flagship, Fressingfield - Site features five clusters of Kensa micro ground source heat networks for 11 flats, bungalows, and houses.

A sustainable heating system installed in 11 houses in a Suffolk village cutting fuel bills by 50% for Flagship Group customers has been shortlisted for ‘Best Contract’ at the National Housing Maintenance Forum Awards and ‘Non Domestic Ground Source Project’ at the National ACR & Heat Pump Awards. Both awards will be announced this January.

Kensa Heat Pumps completed the upgrade in the Fressingfield properties in spring 2016. The project showcases the largest variety of communal ground source heat network designs installed on one site to date. Full details on the unique system designs showcased in the Flagship project can be found in the case study available here.

The ground source heat pump system not only annually saves customers hundreds of pounds and reduces carbon emissions, it is also virtually maintenance free with no annual service required.

The installation qualifies for the Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI – this scheme has closed), a Government scheme which will pay Flagship every quarter for the renewable energy the ground source heat pumps produce for 20 years. Flagship will be able to use this income towards lessening its impact on the environment through using more sustainable energy sources in its other homes.

In addition, there are health benefits associated with ground source heat pumps, including a reduction in damp and improved air quality.

The replacement heating system took place as a result of residents being hit with high energy bills from their previously inefficient electric panel convector heaters. Energy for this system could only come from one provider, making switching to reduce bills impossible.

Matt Smith, Contracts Manager at Flagship Group, said:

The nomination is a fantastic achievement. Not only is the project a great example of partnership working, but it’s also providing a fantastic service for our customers.

We came up with an innovative solution to solve the problem experienced by our tenants which we have achieved. To be shortlisted for an award is the icing on the cake really. We are committed to continually improving our renewable energy sources to help reduce our carbon footprint and tackle fuel poverty, and this system does that.

Simon Lomax, Managing Director of Kensa Heat Pumps commented:

We are delighted to be shortlisted for this award alongside the Flagship Group.  Ground source heat pumps reduce heating bills and carbon emissions so the Government is willing to provide generous subsidies to support their adoption.  Flagship’s investment will not only generate an appealing financial return but also create more comfortable and affordable homes for their customers.

Customer satisfaction surveys following the heating upgrade have reported a 100% satisfaction rate.

Melissa Hall, a Flagship resident who lives in one of the upgraded properties said:

I am really pleased with my new heating system and it is already saving me money. I was paying £100 per month to my electricity supplier. They have now reduced this to only £20 per month as I now so much in credit! Based on my current usage, they think my bill will eventually settle down to £40 per month. The house is also much warmer which is great.

Flagship and Kensa Heat Pumps will find out if their joint nominations have been successful at the NHMF Conference on 24 January 2017 ( and the National ACR & Heat Pump Awards on 26 January 2017 (

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