Ground Source Review: Northumberland Fire Stations - Paul Mooney with heatpump

Prudhoe Fire Station Site Progress: Site complete

Today we handed the fully commissioned system back to the Fire service. Phil Barry from Northumberland Fire Service inspected the work and the controls were fully explained.


  • Ground Source Review: Northumberland Fire Stations - Paul Mooney (Oakes) and Phil Barry (Fire)
  • Ground Source Review: Northumberland Fire Stations - Paul Mooney with heatpump


Amble Fire Station Site Progress: Heat pump installation


Internal installations have started with the heat pump expected to be up and running by Friday this week.

Operatives from Oakes Energy Services are installing the wet system and commissioning the installation.

The heat emitters in the offices and recreation rooms will be standard column radiators that have been oversized by 2.4 to facilitate running at a lower flow temperature.

In the appliance room we will install blown air highline units; these offer a great solution to heating this room as they have a high output for a relatively small surface area. The appliance room has been designed on a target temperature of 16°C, which is warm enough to ensure the specialist equipment the fire service utilise is kept at a temperature that won’t affect its use. All other rooms are designed to reach temperatures between 18°C and 30°C dependent on their use.


Keep following our blog here to stay up to date with this first project between Kensa Heat Pumps and Northumberland County Council.


Project in brief:

  • Three fire stations operated by Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service;
  • Heated by electric night storage heaters which have reached the end of their useful life and need replacing;
  • A Kensa Twin Compact ground source heat pump system installed inside each station;
  • Borehole ground array;
  • Sequential installations to be completed in Summer 2018.

Read more about the background to this first project between Northumberland County Council and Kensa Heat Pumps here.

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