Prudhoe Fire Station Site Progress: Internals complete

The internal installation being performed by Oakes Energy Services is progressing well.

The system is designed to utilise standard wet fed radiators and Highline blown air heaters where space is at a premium.

First fix plumbing is completed and the Kensa Twin Compact ground source heat pump has been connected to the borehole array, purged and filled with antifreeze to ensure a frost protection level of at least -10.

The electrical installation of the system will take place next week; this will include the installation of a three phase electric meter and heat meter. These meters are needed as part of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) application and future payments will be made based on meter readings over the next 20 years.

A communications module will also be installed that will utilise a mobile phone SIM to send out daily heat and electric meter readings.

  • Ground Source Review: Northumberland Fire & Rescue Service: Amble Fire Station

Amble Fire Station Site Progress: Drilling complete

Header works are now complete with the re-turfing taking place early next week.

The internal installations are due to commence 29/5/17.

  • Ground Source Review: Northumberland Fire & Rescue Service: Amble Fire Station

Seahouses Fire Station Site Progress: Drilling continues

Work at the Seahouses fire station continues to progress well, with drilling currently ahead of schedule.

The boreholes at Seahouses are a little deeper than the Amble and Prudhoe Fire Stations, sized at 198 metres.

As of yet we have not found evidence of the suspected mine working but gas monitoring continues.

  • Ground Source Review: Northumberland Fire & Rescue Service: Amble Fire Station

Watch the drilling rig in action at Seahouses Fire Station:

Project in brief:

  • Three fire stations operated by Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service;
  • Heated by electric night storage heaters which have reached the end of their useful life and need replacing;
  • A Kensa Twin Compact ground source heat pump system installed inside each station;
  • Borehole ground array;
  • Commercial installations qualifying for the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive;
  • Sequential installations to be completed in Summer 2018.

Read more about the background to this first project between Northumberland County Council and Kensa Heat Pumps here.

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