Virtual Tour of Energy Superhub Oxford’s Smart Renewable Heating Trial

Take a virtual site tour of ESO’s smart renewable heating trial with Stonewater. Here, 60 homes in Blackbird Leys are being retrofitted with Kensa ground source heat pumps and smart controls – contributing to ESO’s overall aim to reduce Oxford’s emissions by 10,000 tonnes a year by 2021.

Go behind-the-scenes with host, Dr Matthew Trewhella, Managing Director of Kensa Contracting, as he explains how renewable technologies will tackle fuel poverty and stamp out high-cost heating bills for residents.

Find out how the project is supporting decarbonisation aims from Adam Masters, Stonewater Housing’s Sustainability Project Manager.

Oxford City Council declared a Climate Emergency in January 2019 – ESO is a direct response. Councillor, Tom Hayes, of Oxford City Council, addresses the bigger, net-zero picture of the project, and how ESO will pave the way for large-scale decarbonisation of heat, power and transport.

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