Community Heating – District Heating With Ground Source Heat Pumps

District heating with Kensa ground source heat pumps has unlimited possibilities for communities, rivalling and replacing the gas network to help the UK meet its net-zero carbon emissions target by 2050.

Discover how Kensa’s ambient temperature loop system works with multiple energy sources to serve individual ground source heat pumps inside new and existing homes with sustainable, low carbon, non air polluting, heating and hot water.

This video features:

  • Shared ground loop arrays with closed loop boreholes
  • Open loop boreholes from an aquifer
  • Open loop from flooded mine workings
  • Open loop from sea, lakes & rivers
  • ‘Micro-district’ shared ground loop arrays for phased or isolated developments and communities
  • Split ownership models encompassing separate ownership of the heat pumps and pipework infrastructure
  • Energy boosters to maximise waste heat harvesting including PVT, air handling units, process cooling, heat from underground transport tunnels, data centre cooling, space cooling
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