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Past events: Heat Pumps for Local Authorities & Housing Associations

Heat pumps are a critical part of the net-zero carbon future. As well as playing a role for individual homes, they are also an important option for heat networks – but how exactly do they work? What are the benefits? And are they really an option for high rise blocks?

Kensa joined SE² – a consultancy that helps communities and organisations take practical action on climate change –  to talk about the environmental and cost-effective benefits of ground source heat pumps on a large scale.

Tackling carbon & fuel poverty with ground source heat pumps

Kensa’s Director of Low Carbon Partnerships, Ieman Barmaki gave an insightful presentation on ground source heat pumps and Shared Ground Loop Arrays. This system, which is Kensa’s low-carbon alternative to traditional district heating, designs out the typical issues of centralised systems, which can be energy-wasting and expensive. Ieman explained the practicalities of the Shared Ground Loop Array systems: how they can dramatically reduce carbon emissions, tackle the huge issue of fuel poverty and tap into a variety of heat sources such as mine water and lakes.

A tried-&-tested technology: heat pump case studies

We explored how the business case stacks up for ground source heating, including the long-term carbon savings and extremely high efficiencies of Kensa’s innovative shared ground loop system. Most importantly, we talked about how these systems can be implemented on a large scale – helping to tackle fuel poverty and preventing the ‘heat or eat’ ultimatum faced by many. We also heard about the lessons learnt from local authorities who have already decided to invest.

Enfield Ground Source Heat Pump Tower Blocks Upgrade Combats London Air Pollution


10:00 –  Kensa’s Ieman Barmaki will teach you all about how heat pumps work and their positive impact on the environment, local authorities and householders

10:50 –  Ask the experts

11:10 –  Break

11:25 –  Workshops on case studies and tackling fuel poverty with ground source heat pumps, presented by Kensa’s Graham Evans and Stuart Gadsden

12:30 – Event ends



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