Kensa's shared ground loops in apartments


  • The inherent drawbacks and inefficiencies of conventional “central plant” district heating systems have paved the way for an innovative alternative approach using ground source heat pumps and shared ground loop arrays,
  • Ground source heat networks utilising shared ground loop arrays offer a more compelling solution for landlords and housing developers looking to heat multiple buildings, especially those in rural, off gas grid areas.

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This blog explores the key opportunities for heat networks featuring ground source heat pumps connected to shared ground loop arrays,

Kensa says:

Using Kensa’s innovative shared ground loop array approach, an individual ground source heat pump is installed in each dwelling, giving each occupier complete control over their own heating and hot water system and responsibility for their own bill. This unique system architecture inherently avoids landlords from having to comply with the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations.

The solution is also completely scalable in that a district heating system may be as small as two dwellings – perhaps a pair of semi-detached houses – sharing a common borehole, or extend to a block of flats or sheltered accommodation scheme.

Read the full article at KENSAHEATPUMPS.COM

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