Virtual H&V News Summit 2020 – The Future of HVAC

17th September 2020

virtual hvac summit

17th September | Virtual

Introduction: hvn-summit-2020

The H&V News Summit 2020 aims to discuss the state of the industry and the issues that impact the HVAC sector, but this year you will be able to do it from home. Due to Covid-19 H&V News has decided to turn the summit virtual! The aim of the virtual event is to bring opinions from across the industry to discuss and debate the fundamental changes that are being made in heating technology.



10:00  – Welcome Address

10:05 – Power Talk: What the heating industry needs to do

10:20 – Panel Discussion: Key challenges for heating

11:00 – In focus: Hydrogen & the gas grid

11:40 – In focus: Heat Pumps & the electric grid (Presented by Kensa)

12:20 – Tying it all together

12:50 – Closing remarks


2019 Highlights:

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Kensa Contracting @ The Virtual H&V News Summit 2020 – The Future of HVAC


Kensa Contracting and Kensa Heat Pumps have sponsored this virtual event. Kensa will be attending and speaking at the virtual summit.

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