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  • Solar export feed-in tariff (FIT) to close to new applicants from April 2019.
  • Expected hiatus between the tariff’s demise and a new yet to be announced market-based replacement.
  • Unused energy to be provided to the grid for free after March 2019 until new regime implemented.
  • Meantime Kensa says value of solar PV paired with ground source heat pumps still offers significant financial advantages in light of carbon savings and carbon offset funds for developers.
  • Surplus electricity could also be used to power ground source heat pumps to expand business opportunities, says Kensa.

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FiT aside, the value of solar PV when paired with ground source heat pumps remains substantial in light of the push for ‘zero-carbon cities’ and the carbon penalties developers face as a result of the carbon impacts of build specification.In a best practice scenario, an example 300 unit development in London featuring minimum required fabric efficiencies and solar PV alongside ground source heat pumps, instead of gas combi boilers, could save as much as £636,300 in carbon offset funds. (Read more about this topic in Kensa’ blog on how developers can cut the cost of carbon compliance here).

Indeed, the Greater London Authority (GLA) report, ‘Low Carbon Heat: Heat Pumps In London’ states:

Energy efficiency reduces demand to the lowest level, heat pumps deliver low carbon heat and PVs play a significant role in offsetting on-site the residual carbon emissions.

Looking ahead to 2030, preliminary analysis indicates that very low levels of total on-site carbon emissions (i.e. approximately 2kgCO2/m2/yr) can be delivered if very high standards of energy efficiency are achieved, an efficient heat pump system is provided and roof-mounted PVs are maximised.

Read Kensa’s response to the GLA report here.

Estimated total CO2 emissions in 2030 (kgCO2/m2 NIA) – high standard of energy efficiency. Source: Etude, ‘Low Carbon Heat: Heat Pumps In London’, September 2018.


Read the full article at KENSAHEATPUMPS.COM

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