Scottish Renewables Events: Year of COP

Watch this space for events in the countdown to COP26!

Scottish Renewables works towards growing Scotland’s renewable energy sector and aims to inform on how renewable energy can help heat and power Scotland’s homes and businesses.

Welcome to Scottish Renewables’ ‘Year of COP’

Kensa Contracting is proud to partner with Scottish Renewables to bring unique renewable heating expertise to their ‘Year of COP’ campaign. Over the course of 2021, the partnership will deliver a series of exciting events and impactful activities to raise awareness of renewable technology in the lead up to COP26: the United Nations climate change conference that is taking place in Glasgow in November.

Nick Sharpe, Director of Communications and Strategy at Scottish Renewables, explains:

Heat makes up more than half of the energy used in Scotland every day, but we’ve hardly begun the journey of tackling the emissions caused by burning fossil fuels to keep our homes and businesses warm.Therefore, we’re delighted to welcome Scottish Renewables member Kensa Contracting, one of the UK’s leading renewable heat providers, as a Partner of our Year of COP activity. Using heat pump technology provided by companies like Kensa – will play a fundamental role in our journey to net-zero.

Matthew Black, Kensa’s Business Development Manager for Scotland, comments:

The deployment of ground source heat pumps is particularly effective at alleviating fuel poverty in rural areas, and Shared Ground Loop Arrays are the most effective solution for delivering Scotland’s large-scale ambitions for the decarbonisation of heat. Along with the right policy changes, we can make significant progress towards Scotland’s 2045 net-zero carbon target and beyond. The race to decarbonise heat is on!

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Past events

COP26 Conference: Scotland’s Role in Raising Global Ambition

Set to play host to COP26 in Glasgow, 2021 is a big year for climate action in Scotland – and the rest of the world. In light of COP26, which will see life-changing policy debated in Scotland for climate change, this event delved into the key advantages of Scotland’s natural resources – including renewables know-how, world-leading biodiversity and a net-zero workforce.


  • New technologies – generating the solutions to solve global problems – Kensa Contracting’s Matthew Black, Business Development Manager for Scotland & North England, shared details of Kensa’s Shared Ground Loop Array solutions: the innovative approach to district heating being successfully used to facilitate the large-scale roll-out of ground source heat pumps in homes across the UK.

Thanks to Scotland’s abundant natural resources in wind, hydro, solar and biomass for the past 20 years, a world-leading renewable energy sector was born – providing the equivalent of 90% of electricity demand.

There is no limit to its natural resources, boding well for a planet that must decarbonise. This session addressed what organisations must do to capitalise on development to date. Panellists discussed what the future energy mix could look like, the pathway for new technologies and energy sources, and how Scotland can use its clear strength in innovation and technology to its advantage.


Low-Carbon Heat Conference

The Low-Carbon Heat Conference discussed the decarbonisation of heat, which will aid Scotland in its net-zero goals. Aimed towards anyone with an interest in the development of the low-carbon heat sector.

  • Realising the potential of efficient, electric heat – Matthew Black, Kensa Contracting, Business Development – Scotland & North England spoke in this session

    The promise of ultra-low-carbon heat from heat pumps is now a reality thanks to our rapidly-decarbonising electricity supply and advances in heat pump technology. But how do we mainstream their use in Scotland?

    The Scottish Government requirement that all new homes use low-carbon heat from 2024 should help bolster the market, but that can’t be the limit of our electric ambitions. Heat pumps can deliver benefits in urban areas, and are already being used to balance our increasingly renewables-driven electricity supply.

    This session covered:

    • How regulations making low-carbon heat mandatory for new-builds from 2024 can drive volume in the market
    • The market potential offered by existing off-gas-grid homes
    • How the sector could take advantage of these opportunities
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