Example: Holiday Lodges

This section provides a costed example for the installation of borehole Shared Ground Loop Arrays and Kensa Shoebox heat pumps in 100 holiday lodges, and details both self-financed and funded split ownership options versus LPG boiler alternatives.

Whilst the provided example is for boreholes, if your premises are located near a river, lake, or open water, then you may wish to consider utilising this as your heat source as water is an excellent conductor of heat, making water source ground source heat pump systems extremely energy efficient. These systems can also be cheaper to install than borehole systems. Contact Kensa if you would like to learn more.

Costed Example: 100 Holiday Lodges

This costed example features 100 two and three bed holiday lodges featuring their own Shoebox heat pump each connected to a borehole shared ground loop array.

Boreholes can usually be drilled into any type of ground and are a perfect space-saving and time-saving solution, with minimal ground disruption.

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