• Owners and operators of holiday parks could save thousands in energy costs and generate a profitable additional income stream by switching to ground source heat pumps.
  • Ground source heat pumps are particularly favourable in off gas areas reliant on more expensive energy sources such as electricity or LPG.
  • Kensa Heat Pumps’ Shoebox heat pump can be installed inside each holiday unit, connected to a shared ground loop array, to access the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.




Kensa says:

A typical holiday lodge with availability to rent all year round might expect to generate over £13,000 in RHI income over the 20 year lifetime” explains Chris, “while actually the cost to run the heat pump itself is less than half the cost of the associated RHI income (per kilowatt hour), meaning park operators can cost effectively keep lodges warm even when unoccupied, helping to mitigate problems with damp and providing a warm welcome for the next set of guests.


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