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Shifting to a Service Business Model

The Future Economy Network is a green business network that encourages future-thinking discussions and collaboration on sustainable innovations. This online event zoomed in on how industries can adopt sustainable business models and systematically drive change.

Often left behind, the value of service design to sustainable business is the key to driving this change and taking climate action. Expert speakers from various businesses gathered to discuss how this model could help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Kensa’s South West Sales Manager, George Gillow, discussed how a ground source heat pump utility company would supply, own and maintain individual heat pumps and shared ground loop infrastructure, supplying heating and cooling at low cost with the lowest carbon emissions.

He also explained the smart innovations that reduce costs and carbon emissions even further, such as implementing smart controls and load shifting technology to the system. This means the heat pump can consume electricity at times when the grid is lowest in cost and carbon.

Want to catch up on the event? Watch the summary recording here!

Kensa Contracting’s George Gillow-  ‘Heat as a Service with Ground Source Heat Pumps.’:

Challenge: Providing the comfort, control and convenience of peoples’ current heating and hot water system at a comparable cost is a major challenge to decarbonizing heat.

A Solution: One way of addressing this challenge is to provide heat or ‘comfort’ as a service. This would provide customers with the level of heating and cooling they require at a fixed cost, whilst maintaining the individual control and convenience the customer is used to. At the same time, the provider is able to buy wholesale energy at low-cost low carbon prices, hence funding the delivery of the low carbon heat.

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