The aims of the Kensa Social Impact Fund

Provide direct financial support to those that need it most.

In the form of food vouchers or support paying heating bills in the coldest months.

Develop a caring social community.

Bringing the community together with grow your own and community garden initiatives.

Train people to identify and prevent fuel poverty.

Identifying key social figures to help identify fuel poverty and educate people on methods to avoid it.

Apply for direct financial support to heat your home

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Are you a community member who can help?

We are looking for people in the community who can help us roll out our community initiatives and help identify those in the community who would benefit from the fund the most.

We need your help to identify those in the community who have been hardest hit by fuel poverty.

We need your help initiating our grow your own and community garden projects.

We will provide training around identifying fuel poverty and understanding how to prevent it.

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Are you a business or organisation that would like to support the fund?

Kensa would like your help...

After winning the 2021 Ashden Award for UK Climate Innovation at COP26, Kensa were awarded £10,000 to encourage the use of local sustainable energy to address climate change, alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life worldwide.

Kensa have pledged this prize fund to the Kensa Social Impact Fund and have also added another £10,000 to the fund.

Kensa will look to grow this innovative fund in the coming years through direct contributions from Kensa and our supply chain partners, supporters, and advocates. Through the transition to 2050 net-zero with ground source heat pumps, we will leave an immediate and lasting legacy for all to embrace the journey to net-zero.

If you can help accelerate the growth or assist with the aims of the Kensa Social Impact Fund, we would love to hear from you.

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